June 21, 2024


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Chaotic Start to Lost Lands 2021

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Going to a music festival can be an extremely fun and crazy experience for most, however Lost Lands held at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio was a bit more than some people are used to. Lost Lands returned to Thornville, Ohio on September 24th-26th, 2021 and the lineup is extensive. People come from all around the country to this festival! However, people are not getting what they thought they were getting when they showed up for the start of the festival on September 23rd for early entry. Early entry arrivals were in for a shock when they tried to enter the campground when their tickets said they could enter. 

The source we have stated, “we were told to go find a place to park overnight by the guy at the venue because we weren’t allowed to go camp where we paid to,” this source has been since waiting to get into the campground since about 4 am in Ohio and have finally gotten into the venue. The same source also stated that “we got to the campground at like midnight yesterday and they closed it because of rain and so we slept in the car in a neighborhood,” and then was approached by a police officer saying, “you can’t park here” even though they were told that the campground was closed because of rain and told to go find somewhere else to park. 

The campground wasn’t the only thing that was disorganized, our sources say that “we have been talking to the venue workers since we got in and they said nothing has been coordinated.” Facebook posts have been stating similar things about the festival. One Facebook post reads that “the disorganization of this Lost Lands is absolutely appalling,” and this was also around the same time as our other sources were having issues getting into the campgrounds. Most of the dissatisfaction has been circulating around the campsite issues though. “People have been waiting to get into the campgrounds for 14+ hours,” according to a public post on Facebook.

Sad to see such a wonderful festival be bashed like it has but we all see how important it is to be organized for such a big event. Lessons are definitely being learned here and hopefully next year or even the rest of the festival will run smoother because of the lessons learned. 


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**All quoted sources are public sources via Facebook and personal sources**

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