June 16, 2024


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It is no news that we have all heard of hacking and people who hack taking the deep dive into programs and networks they have no business in, but the latest is about Chinese and Russian hackers. In just March this year there was a cyberattack targeting servers running Microsoft (Volz & McMillan, 2021). There were two major suspects China and Russia (Volz & McMillan, 2021). This has been an ongoing issue when it comes to the internet security of the United States.

Most of the time we do not think of our own internet connections at home because we assume they will be secure but recently we have been learning that our internet can be hacked into without us knowing and then control cameras, speakers, thermostats, and more (Komando, 2020). One source says that they have a firewall up and most of the hacking that they get is from Russia and China, you can see in our picture.

With all the hacking going on and the possibility that your family can be spied on there are some things you can do to prevent hackers from getting in and some things you can do if they happen to get in. One thing is put up a firewall, just like our source did you can put up your own firewall to alert and protect your network. Another thing you can do not allow remote access, which may be harder if you rely on technology to do certain things around your house, but it may be better to go “old school” and do everything manually again. The last suggestion we have is to make the password harder when logging into your wi-fi or network, because the harder it is for you to log in, it would be almost impossible for others to get in.



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Volz, Dustin. & McMillian, Robert. (2021). Massive Hacks Linked to Russian, China Exploited U.S. Internet Security Gap. https://www.wsj.com/articles/massive-hacks-linked-to-russia-china-exploited-u-s-internet-security-gap-11615380912

**Picture and quoted source are public sources via Facebook and personal source**

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