June 14, 2024


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Summer Games Fest has finally given us our first look at the gameplay for Modern Warfare 2, the next entry in the Call of Duty series.

The gameplay was an extended look at a mission from the game’s campaign. It followed a team of soldiers infiltrating an oil rig in the middle of stormy seas to neutralize a missile threat. As they progress to the top, they realize the controls for the missile are on a boat off the rig. Once they take a boat over, they fight across the ship and the gameplay ends before we see them breach into the bridge of the ship.

It was a pretty standard affair for a Call of Duty gameplay showcase, though it worth noting just how minimal the HUD was for it, which seems to lend itself to Infinity Ward’s focus on immersion, something we saw them do with 2019’s Modern Warfare. It was also just gorgeous-looking, showing off the new engine that Infinity Ward has built for the game.

We know that Modern Warfare 2 is following the story of the 2019 original, and after the showcase, Jeff Negus from Infinity Ward confirmed that we would be following the same characters from that game, primarily Captain Price, Gaz, and Ghost.

We also got a hint at the next Warzone, tentatively titled Warzone 2.0, though we didn’t see any gameplay for it. All that was mentioned is that the game will be working in tandem with Modern Warfare 2.

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