June 21, 2024


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Modern Warfare Update – Despite Some Fun Updates, Warzone is in a Rough Spot

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Back to the Warzone

Cheaters, hackers, game throwers and just general discontent. And yet, there’s some new maps, new modes, new features, new content and just general improvements. So what is going on in Modern Warfare right now?

First and foremost, there is a pretty sizable amount of new content for Modern Warfare. If you took a break from the multiplayer, Warzone or the Coop, there’s plenty of reason to jump back in right now.

Multiplayer saw the introduction of a new map, Cheshire Park, which is a fun new addition to the already excellent selection of maps. Cheshire Park is very close quarters heavy. With strong emphasis on long hallways, tight corners and shotguns. Basically it’s every apes dream map.

So hey, if you were struggling to get your 725 leveled up, just seek out Cheshire Park. Or if you just want to mount up an LMG and guarantee a couple of kill streaks, this is your map as well.

Not Just Multiplayer

Warzone saw some notable changes added to the gamemode. Such as new killstreaks, new weapons, Gulag changes, breakouts, Juggernaut suits etc. Unfortunately, it has also been seeing a host of issues with hackers and cheaters.

So much so that Warzone is having it’s active players drop by the dozens every day for about the last two weeks. Players are becoming truly fed up with the rampancy of the issues within the game. Admittedly, we have yet to run into anyone, but we could also just be getting lucky. 

Just a few minutes on the Modern Warfare or Warzone subreddits show a lot of gameplay clips. A lot of people are becoming stressed out at Infinity Ward failing to do anything about the hacking players.

Sadly, one of the biggest things about the hackers is perceived. Truth is, the number of hackers and cheaters has most likely not gotten bigger, most CoD players just have not dealt with it. Cross play is a beautiful thing, but it brings communities together for good and bad.

PlayStation players have never dealt with Xbox cheaters. Xbox cheaters have never dealt with PlayStation cheaters. And neither Xbox or PlayStation has dealt with PC cheaters before. Sad to say, but PC is definitely the platform that sees the most cheating by a  huge margin.

So is there really any definitive way to stop this from happening? Well no, not really at all unfortunately, It’s also become a big problem in Destiny 2. PC players just have so much freedom and all they have to do is make multiple accounts. Then if one account gets banned, they just fallback to a new one, rinse and repeat.

Hopefully Modern Warfare gets an improvement in anti-cheat here soon. Until it does, player numbers will continue to drop until something else happens. 


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