June 16, 2024


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Nintendo Switch Reports over 160,000 Accounts have been Hacked!

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Things are not going super great for Nintendo right now. After multiple shortages for the console, we now have reports of thousands of hacks.

Nintendo came out and made a statement on their Japanese website that users needed to be aware of the hacks. Passwords and login info was compromised which could lead to massive problems if they get hold of payment info.

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The issue stemmed from old NNIDs that were used on consoles like 3DS and WiiU. Effectively, hackers were able to access new accounts or attached accounts via the older NNID accounts. Ultimately Nintendo is confident that the worst of the hackers attempts did not get past login info. No servers, payment methods or anything seem to have been affected.

Here’s hoping that it stays very mild and under the radar. The last thing that Nintendo needs right now would be another major setback. Especially not when the world has nothing to do but sit around.

What do you think of Nintendo’s breach? Are you shocked or affected by the recent hacks? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and follow us for more updates as they come out!

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