June 13, 2024


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Guardian Games, Destiny 2’s Newest Event Is Here – Time for a rivalry!

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Destiny has some big problems right now. Fans have made their voices heard with their frustration over the lack of content, reused items and frequent cheaters in Trials.

While those concerns are being addressed (hopefully soon) there is some new content to look forward to. The newest piece of said content is the newest event, ‘Guardian Games’. The concept of Guardian Games is pretty simple; play the game, earn medals, deposit and beat others.

It’s a battle between Warlocks, Titans and Hunters as we all compete in various arenas to prove who is the best among us. The event comes with it’s own unique gear set as well as a chance to earn the new Exotic LMG, Heir Apparent.

On the subject of the Exotic, you cannot get it day one, or rather not without spending 24 straight hours on it. The Exotic LMG requires you to put in some work to earn a triumph, the best way to earn said triumph is just play the game.

Heir Apparent has yet to be earned by anyone. It falls into the same archetype as Xenophage, in the sense that deals a ton of damage but requires more setup.

The Games… Have Only Just Begun…

Not very interested in Guardian Games? Well we also had two major leaks happen over the course of this week, teasing what is about to come. We recently went over what is coming in our post about Destiny 2’s Doomsday clock. Now, we have a cutscene confirming out worst fears.

That’s right, we’re finally getting the Pyramid ships on their way to earth, and they’re pretty damn close. On top of that leak, we also learned that Felwinter’s Lie, the snipe- er, I mean shotgun, from D1 is coming back. Most likely Felwinter’s Lie will be a pinnacle award next season, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Overall, things are getting busier in D2. Which is good for both the game, developers and fans as we finally have some solid goals and teases to keep us satisfied.

What do you think of D2’s latest content? Are you enjoying Guardian Games or are you taking a break until the Fall Expansion? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and follow us for more updates!

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