June 14, 2024


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Nintendo Switch Shortage is Caused by Bots

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Consumer reports of a mass Nintendo Switch shortage is due to more than just people being bored. Turns out, there are several bot accounts being created by people who are mass buying them, and reselling them.


People saw the opportunity to make easy and quick money by reselling them at exorbitant prices. In some cases by hundreds of dollars, knowing full well that some people would actually pay for them.

Recently an investigation was opened up by Motherboard to try and find the problem behind the shortages. They ended up discovering an open source tool (which shall remain nameless) that was creating alternate bot accounts to purchase from retailers.

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Not only are they managing to resell these consoles, but they are completely drying up the stock around the US. Managing to clear out entire shelves for retailers like Target or Best Buy and then resell them on a site like Ebay.

They went into detail on the Motherboard interview, and while it does make a lot of sense, they don’t deny anything. They’re simply finding a bright side to things and capitalizing on a demand for a product during a crisis. Which isn’t strictly illegal, so hands may be tied for a while.

What do you make of this? Are you annoyed that none of us can but Switch consoles or are you applauding them for recognizing and opportunity? Be sure to follow us and let us know in the comments below!

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