July 14, 2024


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Arceus DayBreak

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has gotten its first big update after having only been out for a few weeks, and the update is adding quite a bit of new content for players to explore.

The news came in yesterday’s Pokemon Day 2022 stream, which saw the announcements of many Pokemon-related games. During this portion of the stream, players were shown just what kind of changes have come to the game and those changes are quite a bit.

The main addition to the game that has been brought to the game is investigating mass outbreaks that have popped up around the world. In the gameplay we saw, we saw outbreaks of Hisuian Growlithe and Zoroark, though there is sure to be much more than just those two. Along with these outbreaks, the update is also bringing more chances for players to encounter a Legendary Pokemon and wardens.

As another kind of celebration, players will also be receiving 30 Ultra Balls, Gigaton Balls, and Jet Balls. All they have to do is use the code “ARCEUSADVENTURE by March 31st.

This is just the first update coming to the game, which is proving to be plenty popular, and we are excited to see what more Nintendo and The Pokemon Company give us.

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