March 2, 2024


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STALKER 2 Devs Show Work During Ukraine Crisis

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Today’s Xbox Game Showcase Extended stream ended on a powerful note, as not only got a glimpse of the opening to STALKER 2, but also what it has been like for the developers as they make the game while Ukraine is being invaded.

While the gameplat that was shown was very good, it was the ending of the show that stole the spotlight. It showed us how the developers of the game have been able to work on the game while their country is being invaded. This meant shots of developers working in cramped, small spaces as a result of bomb threats, members of the team joining the defense forces of the country with a promise to return as soon as they have fought back their invaders, and even mention of developers who can’t share their story for their own safety.

It is a heartbreaking – and inspiring – look into how this team is overcoming great fear and danger to do what they love. It doesn’t seem real to describe a game development team working under the threats of bombings and violence, but it is true, nonetheless.

We also know that the game will now be coming out in 2023 and will have the official title of STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl, using the original Ukrainian spelling of that area.

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